Treating Acid Reflux In Babies

Limit foods and beverages that seem to worsen your child s reflux such as high fat fried or spicy foods carbonation and caffeine. Medications aimed at treating acid reflux can be harsh and have been proven to cause damage to internal organs when used over the long term.

Gerd Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease In Children

H2 blockers h2 blockers tagamet pepcid and axid reduce the amount of acid produced by the stomach and have been extensively used to treat reflux in babies and children.

Treating acid reflux in babies. Also hold your baby in a sitting position for 30 minutes after feeding if. After feeding hold your. Regular antacids may help infants with mild symptoms of gerd.

How and when to feed your baby give more frequent feedings. Most cases of regurgitation or reflux resolve within the baby s first year and require no treatment. Exercises improve digestion which helps reduce acid reflux.

Try smaller more frequent feedings. Antacids very short term use. The chamomile flower contains constituents that have properties that reduce spasms in the body as well as are light sedatives too.

Work out and regular exercises. Feed your baby slightly less than usual if you re bottle feeding or cut back a. If you can feed baby upright and keep them in that position for about 30 minutes after.

This in a combination provides relief from acid reflux and allow the body to rest. However seeing your newborn experience discomfort from acid reflux can concern or upset you. Encourage your child to get regular exercise.

Feed your baby in an upright position. Acid reflux also called gastroesophageal reflux disease gerd is generally not serious and often stops by 18 months old. Your baby may be more likely to have reflux and to spit up when their stomach is too full.

Raise the baby s head with pillows or the head of the crib or bassinet. Home remedies to treat acid reflux in babies 1. Lifestyle changes reflux is less frequent and less severe in breastfed babies.

By making some lifestyle changes or using medication you can treat your newborn s acid reflux. Even with lifestyle changes and reflux baby formulas the mainstay of reflux treatments is reflux medications. While many patients are willing to take their chances with the pills when it comes to their own acid reflux the decision isn t as easy when the person who needs help is your child.

3 mylanta maalox and tums are typical antacids that may help with acid reflux in infants. For acid reflux in babies chamomile is also known to work wonders. Take time to burp your baby.

These acid reflux medications for children include antacids and acid reducers such as. Activities that fight gas. If the reflux is.

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