Can You Drink Beer While Breastfeeding

Moderate alcohol consumption by a breastfeeding mother up to 1 standard drink per day is not known to be harmful to the infant especially if the mother waits at least 2 hours before nursing. Even though the literature to date suggests that drinking alcohol while breastfeeding is ultimately safe you still don t want to overdo it.

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Therefore if you really want a beer you can drink a little.

Can you drink beer while breastfeeding. But never share a bed or sofa with your baby if you have drunk any alcohol. However during lactation you should strictly follow these rules. However higher levels of alcohol consumption can interfere with the milk ejection reflex letdown while maternal alcohol levels are high.

If you choose to drink avoid breast feeding until alcohol has completely cleared your breast milk. While the immediate effects of alcohol on milk production and delivery last only as long as the alcohol is in your system chronic alcohol use has the potential to lower your milk supply overall. Since it takes your body 1 to 3 hours to metabolize.

Last medically reviewed on august 27 2019 parenthood. If you plan to drink alcohol consider having a drink just after breast feeding so that the alcohol begins to clear your breast milk during the natural interval between breast feeding sessions. An occasional drink is unlikely to harm your breastfed baby.

Non alcoholic beer contains 0 5 1 5 alcohol. While a barley component in beer not the alcohol does boost prolactin production 4 alcohol alone does so as well 5 however milk production was actually decreased 6. Even a moderate amount such as a single beer or glass of wine can disrupt the balance of lactation hormones in breastfeeding women.

This typically takes two to three hours for 12 ounces 355 milliliters of 5 beer 5 ounces 148 milliliters of 11 wine or 1 5 ounces 44 milliliters of 40 liquor depending on your body weight. It s okay to occasionally drink alcohol if you re breastfeeding but heavy and habitual drinking is harmful for your baby s health and development. When you do have a drink the american academy of pediatrics aap suggests waiting four hours before you nurse again to ensure the alcohol has made its way out of your system.

A long standing old wives tale regarding consumption of alcohol particularly beer while breastfeeding is that it can help boost milk production. Breastfeeding and drinking alcohol anything you eat or drink while you re breastfeeding can find its way into your breast milk and that includes alcohol. You also want to make sure to never bed share with your baby when you ve had anything to drink.

Episodic consumption of alcoholic beverages will not affect breastfeeding and will not harm the baby. Alcohol does pass into your breast milk in much the same way that it passes into your bloodstream and what s in your blood is in your milk. Should you choose not to drink alcohol at all while breastfeeding there are other drink options you can enjoy and other ways to relax.

Getting drunk and handling your baby increases the risk of falls and other accidents.

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