Blood Type Incompatibility Jaundice

Higher than normal levels of bilirubin in your infant s blood is a sign of rh incompatibility. The rh factor is a protein on the covering of red blood cells.

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If the rh factor protein is present the person is rh positive.

Blood type incompatibility jaundice. Jaundice occurs when there s a buildup of an orangish red substance in the blood called bilirubin that s produced when red blood cells break down naturally. Recognize that visual estimation of the degree of jaundice can lead to errors particularly in darkly pigmented infants. When a mother and her developing fetus have incompatible blood types it can lead to disease in the baby and potentially to severe jaundice that may cause the brain damage that can then cause cerebral palsy.

This happens when there is too much bilirubin in the baby s blood. It is possible for a mother s red blood cells to cross into the placenta or fetus during pregnancy. This is frequently referred to as a set up.

Diseases or conditions that can cause jaundice include. Internal bleeding hemorrhage an infection in your baby s blood sepsis other viral or bacterial infections an incompatibility between the mother s blood and the baby s blood a liver malfunction biliary atresia a condition in which the. If the rh factor protein isn t present the person is rh negative.

Babies with jaundice have a yellow coloring of the skin and eyes. Interpret all bilirubin levels according to the infant s age in hours. The liver removes bilirubin from the blood and passes it into the bowels so it can leave the body.

In a full term baby who is less than 24 hours old the levels of bilirubin should be less than 6 0. What is blood type incompatibility. A b 0 and rh incompatibility happens when a mother s blood type conflicts with that of her newborn child.

Blood types are categorized by a b and o and given an rh factor of positive or negative. Measure the total serum bilirubin tsb or transcutaneous bilirubin tcb level on infants jaundiced in the first 24 hours. If the infant is type a type b or type ab risk for incompatibility exists.

If more red blood cells are broken down at once than is normal the bilirubin that results will deposit fatty tissue under the skin causing the yellowish hue of the skin and whites of the eyes that are the tell tale symptom of jaundice. This had been a common cause of severe neonatal jaundice but is now very uncommon because rh immune globulin rhogham is given to mothers at risk before delivery. A blood type incompatibility also exists if the mother has a rh rhesus factor negative blood type and the newborn is rh factor positive.

The most common type of blood type incompatibility is rh disease also known as rh incompatibility. Blood type is used to describe the proteins or the absence of proteins on blood cells and although it may seem completely unrelated blood type can actually be a risk factor for cerebral palsy in certain scenarios. If mixing of maternal and fetal blood occurs during pregnancy or the birth process these antibodies can also attack the baby s rbcs and cause hemolysis.

When the mother s rh factor is negative and the baby s is positive it can cause the mother s immune system to make rh antibodies that attack the baby s red blood cells as foreign. Bilirubin bill uh roo bin is a yellow substance that comes from the normal breakdown of red blood cells.

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