Weaning Toddler Off Breastfeeding

Maybe you re simply ready to have your breasts back. So if you re here you re likely a mama who totally believes believed in the whole let them choose when to wean but life happened and now you need to get your stubborn boobie loving toddler weaned.

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Both of you will continue to benefit from breastfeeding as long as you like.

Weaning toddler off breastfeeding. Some nursing toddlers wean themselves. Weaning your baby after one. I ve done this with my children in the.

You can wean your child to a bottle and then a cup or directly to a cup. Start weaning by replacing one breast milk feeding a day with a bottle of infant formula for your child younger than 12 months old or with a cup of fortified cow s milk for your child 12 months or older. When weaning your baby from breastfeeding it is natural for them to still be drawn to your breast to eat.

There are different ways you can tackle toddler weaning 1. But sometimes the decision to nix the nursing is your own. Don t give your child cow s milk until after his or her first birthday.

Know that no specific time is the right time to wean your toddler. Some people like to completely cut off breastfeeding from day one. You can choose to switch to nighttime only feeding.

Weaning a toddler is intimidating but taking it one step at a time makes it a little easier. While the american academy of pediatrics aap suggests breastfeeding for 1 year or longer as mutually desired by mother and. Just realize that if you choose.

Continue to replace more breast milk feedings with infant formula or fortified cow s milk over time. Many mothers choose to wean naturally allowing the child to outgrow the need gradually in his own time. If you wean your child from breast feeding before age 1 use expressed breast milk or iron fortified formula.

They decide they re ready to make the break from breastfeeding and that s that. Perhaps you re planning a second pregnancy or are already pregnant. It may be a good idea to have someone else offer a bottle for a time as well.

If you and your child enjoy breastfeeding there is no reason you need to stop. Breastfeeding an older toddler or child is different from breastfeeding an infant. Once your toddler is fully weaned he may still ask to breastfeed occasionally.

How long it takes to wean is really up to you but i would encourage you to take at least a week in order to make weaning your toddler as gentle as possible. When this happens use subtle distractions to take their mind off of breastfeeding and allow them to focus on the bottle of food you have.

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