Cow Milk Vs Breast Milk

The carbohydrate protein and fat content of milk from one species is finely tuned to meet the nutritional. This is another reason why cow s milk is highly unsuitable for infants during the first year of life.

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Here are the major differences between cow and human breast milk explained.

Cow milk vs breast milk. Cow s milk has high amounts of calcium that is essential for development and strengthening of bones. In comparison a cow can produce a large volume of milk than a human mother. Breast milk contains more fat than cow s milk including omega 3 fatty acids necessary for brain development.

There is a belief that the breast milk can increase the intelligence of the children which cow milk does not have. The iron content in breast milk ensures that the baby s hemoglobin remains stable and he or she stays away from developing anemia and its related complications. It also contains lactose a milk sugar that babies can t digest which can cause digestive problems such as mucus formation gas bloating diarrhea and constipation.

Cows have 3 3 leucine humans have 0 9 leucine. A comparison between human milk and cow s milk protein. Leucine is a unique amino acid which is linked with growth.

The differences between breast milk and cow milk are significant. Feeding breast milk until the child is at least for six months is recommended. Mother s milk offers the appropriate amounts of carbohydrate protein and fat breast milk provides vitamins minerals digestive enzymes and hormones required for an infant.

Cow s milk contains double the amount of casein a protein than breast milk and is difficult to digest for infants. The amount and type of fat present in the milk similarly reflects the requirements of the species of animal. Cow s milk consists of very little iron in comparison to breast milk.

Animals that grow quickly after birth have higher levels of protein and leucine in their milk. Despite all of the toddler milk on the market the american academy of pediatrics aap recommends feeding your baby breast milk until at least 12 months of age and switching to cow s milk at the. Soy some manufacturers add calcium and vitamin d to soy milk which normally contains less calcium than cow s milk.

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