Breastfeeding Milk Storage Guidelines

Proper storage and preparation of breast milk plus icon. Refrigerated milk has less fat loss and more anti bacterial and protective properties than frozen milk.

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Human milk storage guidelines for premature infants milk storage handouts for.

Breastfeeding milk storage guidelines. Milk storage guidelines location of storage temperature maximum recommended storage duration room temperature 16 29 c 60 85 f 4 hours optimal 6 8 hours acceptable under very clean conditions refrigerator 4 c 39 2 f 4 days optimal 5 8 days under very clean conditions freezer 4 c 24 8 f 6 months optimal 12 months acceptable. Refreeze human milk. Type of breast milk.

0 f 18 c or colder freshly expressed or pumped. Food safety for infants after a natural disaster. Storing milk in 2 4 ounce 60 to 120 ml amounts may reduce waste.

Inspect the pump kit and. Storage and preparation of breast milk. Leftover from a feeding baby did not finish the bottle use within.

All milk should be dated before storing. Breastfeeding and special. Thawed previously frozen 1 2 hours.

Guidelines recommendations plus icon. Breastmilk storage guidelines storage of breastmilk at the back of the freezer compartment is safer as it may lose it s temperature every time it is opened. Breast milk storage bags or clean food grade containers with tight fitting lids.

Milk should be stored in a clean plastic breastmilk bottle glass bottles or breastmilk bags. These are general guidelines for storing human milk at different temperatures. A breastmilk storage bag should be thrown away after used.

If you thaw your frozen breast milk in the refrigerator you can keep it there for up to 24 hours or at room temperature for up to 2 hours. After it has been thawed. 1 day 24 hours never.

Once frozen breast milk is thawed do not refreeze it. Breastfeeding and infant feeding practices plus icon. Pumping and storing breast milk how to store freshly expressed breast milk you can store your freshly hand expressed or pumped breast milk at temperature in an insulated cooler or in the refrigerator.

Use the first in first out rule and use the oldest milk first. Your hands well with soap and water. Breast milk storage guidelines will differ if your baby was born early.

Tubing to make sure it is clean. Here are the guidelines and recommendations for the safe storage of breast milk. Safety in maternity care.

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