How Do I Breastfeed And Pump

Feed your baby according to their own schedule even as you pump says roberts. Plug in your pump or make sure it has working batteries.

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When you re with your baby breast feed on demand.

How do i breastfeed and pump. Be sure to clean the breast flanges after every use. Assemble the pump kit. After you have hand expressed a few spoonfuls worth pumping for a short while is a good way to stimulate milk supply until your milk fully comes in.

Find a quiet comfortable place to sit. This article looks at situations when a breast pump might be useful and answers frequently asked questions. The more you pump the more milk you ll produce.

A newborn baby usually nurses for a minimum of 8 12 times in a 24 hour period. There are different ways to power pump but a popular approach is to set aside an hour each day for pumping breast milk pumping for the first 20 minutes resting for 10 minutes and then continuing to alternate pumping and resting every 10 minutes for the remainder of the time. Stress can hinder your body s natural ability to release breast milk.

Do a little homework. Bring a drink and a snack. Pump often and effectively.

Schedule a pumping routine that will help you to build a freezer stash. Wash your hands with soap and water. Get a handy pump log app to keep track of your milk supply and pumping schedule.

When breastfeeding is going well and if you don t plan on being parted from your baby a breast pump is not an essential purchase. How to balance breastfeeding and pumping 1. If you re working full time try to pump.

Read up on the basics of breast pumping and be sure to review your breast pump instructions. Sometimes it is helpful to remove breast milk from a breast however a breast pump is not the only way as hand expressing can be very effective. This takes a little practice to get the positioning just right but the baby can enhance your let down reflex.

After the first week you should be able to pump two to three ounces every two to three hours 2 or about 24 ounces in a 24 hour period. A great way to pump is to nurse the baby and use the pump on the other side. Experts agree that you should put your baby s breastfeeding needs first and pump after.

Keep your stress in. Exclusively pumping is equivalent to a nursing baby. Turn the pump on before you begin feeding.

Flange fit is important. Find a quiet place to pump. Pump after you have nursed your baby a couple times a day 10 15 extra minutes.

Center the flanges over your breast s and center the nipple in the flange opening making an air seal. Pump until the milk starts slowing down and your breasts feel well drained. Aim to spend 15 to 20 minutes hooked up to the pump to net a good amount of breast milk some women will need 30 minutes or more with the pump especially in the early days.

Continue to breastfeed on demand.

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