Dark Green Stool And Stomach Pain

If bleeding of the upper gi is to blame you may pass black and tarry stools that could have a foul smell. Why is stool black sometimes.

What Causes Green Diarrhea

Flatulence gas or indigestion.

Dark green stool and stomach pain. In these instances the green stool is likely accompanied by diarrhea stomach cramps nausea vomiting or other signs of digestive disagreement. Green stool may be accompanied by other symptoms which vary depending on the underlying disease disorder or condition. Tips to treat dark green stool at home over enthusiastic eating of green foods or iron rich items can be curtailed with simple diet adjustments as can any indulgence in overly dyed treats.

Abdominal cramps nausea loss of appetite are some of the associated symptoms experienced in giardiasis. Abdominal swelling or bloating. The smell and consistency of the feces could also help in indicating the state of your health.

Some foods like licorice green leafy vegetables or taking supplements can turn your poop very dark green or black. Giardia lamblia giardiasis is a disease caused by a parasite called as giardia lamblia. People with small intestinal obstruction have many symptoms like green vomit or vomiting green bile severe abdominal pain abdominal distension inability to pass stools and gas absolute constipation.

If you have crohn s you might also experience other symptoms like stomach pain fatigue fever weight. Symptoms that may accompany green stool include. Black stools are noticeably darker than the dark brown or dark green stools that accompany dehydration and should be taken seriously as a sign of internal bleeding if there is no other obvious cause.

Post gallbladder surgery 6 months ago. Diarrhea is a major symptom and it can be green because of undigested bile dr. Read below for more information on related symptoms other causes and treatment options.

Change in bowel habits. Causes of bilious vomit or green vomit in neonates. In addition irritable bowel syndrome can cause green poop and stomach pain.

Abdominal pain or cramping. Dark green stool and stomach pain a 35 year old male asked. Can t gain weight back have dark green stool all the time low back stomach pain egd colon neg.

Green poop can be commonly caused by eating certain green foods an infection that causes diarrhea bile or a side effect of medication. Usually black or dark green stool is caused by eating certain foods or due to gastrointestinal gi bleeding. Green stool may be a matter of concern if it starts occurring within frequent intervals especially when it is accompanied by other symptoms such as fevers and chills stomach pain nausea vomiting indigestion rectal pain and fatigue.

In this disease the stools turn greasy in nature and can be one of the reasons for passing out green colored stools. Dehydration may cause sparse hard pebble like stools and may also darken the color of the stool. This is a medical emergency and it needs an immediate referral to a surgeon.

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