Side Effects Of Smoking Weed While Breastfeeding

Marijuana use may also impair a mother or other caregiver s judgement and ability to care for an infant. Some research found that women who smoked marijuana did not breastfeed for as.

Thinking About Using Cannabis While Parenting Canada Ca

Less prolactin mean less breast milk production.

Side effects of smoking weed while breastfeeding. Breastfeeding for less time. Studies have found that thc can decrease or depress the effects of prolactin the hormone responsible for stimulating the increased production of breast milk. The risk factor is almost doubled from the risk of a non smoking mother.

To minimize secondhand smoke exposure marijuana products should not be smoked around babies or children. Some potential risks of using marijuana while breastfeeding include. If used during pregnancy smoking marijuana might lower birth weight increase the risk of having baby prematurely or affect brain development in the foetus.

If a mother continues to use marijuana or cbd while breastfeeding she should be encouraged to significantly reduce her intake. It has also been found that breastfed babies whose mothers smoke weed have an increased risk of dying from sids sudden infant death syndrome. Using cannabis also seems to effect the mother s lactation process but it s unclear exactly how.

Smoke weed as a breastfeeding mama and the chemical tetrahydrocannabinol thc the ingredient in cannabis that activates cannabinoid receptors in your brain to produce mind altering side effects. It may affect breathing from smoking heart rate affect balance and coordination cause anxiety paranoia depression. Some studies suggest marijuana consumption in nursing mothers could cause an intellectual delay in breastfed babies.

Before i started smoking during pregnancy i spent a lot of time researching about the effects of marijuana use on expectant mothers. Your baby might have a slow motor skills development as well as delays in coordination. Some studies suggest that marijuana exposure may affect the development of a baby s movement.

The information available on the internet on this subject is limited and most american health associations discouraged the use of the drug during pregnancy. Not only can thc affect your baby if he ingests it through your breast milk but there s some evidence that the babies of moms and or dads who smoke pot may have a higher risk of asthma and other respiratory problems middle ear conditions and sudden infant death syndrome sids. Cannabis should not be smoked by anyone in the vicinity of infants because the infants may be exposed by inhaling the smoke.

In addition to possible adverse effects from cannabinoids in breastmilk paternal cannabis use may also increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome in breastfed infants. Cannabis has since increased the levels of thc meaning the potential side effects can now be much worse 6. This is one of the most critical side effects of smoking marijuana when nursing.

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