Pain In Breast And Under Armpit

If female have a lump in the breast or armpit it is best to consult a doctor immediately for proper diagnosis and treatment. Breast cancer is painless in most cases.

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Other factors can cause or contribute to pain in the breast and armpit such as.

Pain in breast and under armpit. Birth control pills and other methods of contraception that introduce exogenous hormones into the body. Pain or tenderness especially after movement that stretches the muscle redness or bruising muscle twitching or spasm swelling. You must see your doctor if.

One or both breasts alter in size or shape there is a discharge from either nipple there is a rash around the nipple there is dimpling on the skin of the breasts you feel a swelling or swelling in one of your armpits you feel pain in your armpits or breast that is not. Cysts are fluid filled sacs that can appear just before your menstrual period also. Pain under armpit may be a symptom of breast cancer which is one of common health problems of women.

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