Can I Take Ibuprofen When Breastfeeding

The concentration of the drug in breast milk may be about 0 7. Ibuprofen is safe in moderate doses during breastfeeding as only minimal quantities of the drug get.

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However nursing mothers can take it only after consulting a doctor as there are some specific instructions for the use of this drug during lactation.

Can i take ibuprofen when breastfeeding. Paracetamol is generally considered safe to take as a painkiller when you are breastfeeding 1 as is ibuprofen 2 although you may want to check with your doctor first if your baby was born prematurely or has a specific medical condition. If you re breast feeding and plan to take medication check with your health care provider. However if you can take less that is recommended.

Only a small amount gets into your breastmilk and it s unlikely to harm your baby. For example taking medication immediately after breast feeding might help minimize your baby s exposure. Ibuprofen and breastfeeding are compatible.

You can take ibuprofen while breastfeeding once or twice in order to alleviate a specific pain. Take ibuprofen for the shortest time possible and stick to the recommended dose. Yes you can take ibuprofen as long as you don t have a stomach ulcer or asthma that gets worse if you take ibuprofen.

When it comes to taking ibuprofen when breastfeeding only trace amounts of the drug actually show up in the mother s breast milk. As a general rule though it should not be used to treat anything especially chronic conditions while breastfeeding. A milk ibuprofen level of 13 mcg l was detected 30 minutes after the first dose.

Considering that sometimes toughing an illness out or ignoring a symptom actually results in decreased milk production it is often considered more beneficial for a mother to take ibuprofen while breastfeeding than to not. 1 2 a later study using a more sensitive assay found ibuprofen in the breastmilk of one woman who took 6 doses of 400 mg orally over a 42 5 hours. You can also take naproxen to the daily maximum.

Also ask about the timing. Ibuprofen was undetectable in breastmilk in both studies 0 5 and 1 mg l respectively. The medicine is on the american academy of pediatrics list of drugs suitable for breastfeeding moms and has no known adverse effects on the baby s health 4.

Avoid taking unnecessary medications such as herbal medications high dose vitamins and unusual supplements. It is desirable to drink it immediately after feeding the baby. It is safe to take ibuprofen when you are breastfeeding provided you don t have asthma or stomach ulcer 3.

Ibuprofen while breastfeeding a woman can take ibuprofen in moderate doses while breastfeeding. If you re breastfeeding you can take acetaminophen or ibuprofen up to the daily maximum dose.

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