Baby Poo Colour Dark Green

If baby has recently eaten blueberries spinach kale or other leafy greens that may cause his poop to be green. As baby continues to eat solids and his her diet expands you should notice baby s poop transition to brown.

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One of the most common times for a baby to have green poo is once meconium transitions to regular baby stool.

Baby poo colour dark green. Dark green baby poop after the first few days is probably from an iron supplement either taken by the mother or the baby says dr. Both breastfed and formula fed babies produce these black stools at first. Dark green poop is most common in babies who are starting solid foods that are green in.

Dark green poop or brownish green poop is normal when baby begins to eat solid foods. As the stool goes from black to yellow there are often some dark green stools for a day or two. A newborn baby passes dark stools known as meconium.

A newborn baby usually kicks off life on the outside with a few diapers full of dark tarry stools known as meconium. Forest green baby poop color forest green.

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